"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened." Anatole France
"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened." Anatole France

Meet Our Wonderful and Caring Staff

John E. Rowe, DVM,CVA

Owner of Aid Animal Hospital


Dr. John Rowe received his veterinary degree from Kansas State University in 1990, and has been the proud owner of Aid Animal Hospital for almost two decades. Dr. Rowe is an accomplished surgeon, certified veterinary accupuncturist, and medical practitioner. He continues to search for new ways to improve the health and life of the animals he so lovingly cares for. Dr. Rowe feels strongly about keeping you informed of every aspect of your pet's health and possesses a welth of knowledge concerning their overall care.


When not at the hospital, Dr. Rowe keeps an active lifestyle with his wife Tania and teenage children Nadia and Bella who also work at the clinic. He shares his household with their 4 dogs Frisco, Pablo, Ramsey, and Walter.


When we at AAH say that we treat your pet like family, we truly do. As pet parents, we know the value your pet has as a part of your family. We look forward to meeting with you and thank you for choosing Aid Animal Hospitl to care for your pets.

Dr. Makenzie Wilder


Dr. Wilder is a native of South Carolina and will greet you with a smile and southern charm.  She has a couple fur babies of her own.  Roland is a deaf English Setter that she adopted during vet school, Arlemis a service cat who goes with Dr. Wilder to provide animal therapy to rehabilitation homes, and last but not least, her other cat Tora who she was fostering but just couldn't let go.  Tora apparently keeps Dr. Wilder on her toes!


In her free time, Dr. Wilder enjoys being outside whether she's backpacking, camping, skiing, or playing competitive Frisbee, woodworking (she's planning on making her own furniture soon), and spending time with her fiancé.


Dr. Wilder fits right in with our fun quirky bunch because she's not afraid to be herself, try new things, and be different - for instance, in college she showed chickens at the local 4-H.  She even won once!




Nicole M.

Nicole has been with AAH since 2008.  Nicole has a passion for animals that is near and dear to all our hearts.  From kennels to veterinary assistant, she is right there to lend a helping hand with compassion and enthusiasm and she is our Technician Team Leader. She shares her home with 4 very active and ornery cats.  One of which was adopted through our adoption program here at the hospital. Pedro is always good for a story or two.


Heather D.

Heather has been with AAH since 2008.  One of our knowledgable receptionists, Heather has years of experience as a veterinary technician too and can help answer your questions.  Heather jumps right in and helps out where ever she is needed as is our Receptionist Team Leader. She is mommy of two and shares her home with the most adorable little Pekinese, Sophie, and her "foster" pet Jeffrey. 


Mersadees W.

Mersadees is one of our wonderful and caring veterinary technicians who cares for your furry babies.  At home she has beautiful Lyla, a Catohoula Pit Mix.  In her free time she catches up on reading and watching scary movies.   Carefree and silly, Mersadees brings a fun spirit to both home and work!



Britt W.

Brittany, AKA Batman, is trained as both one of our cheerful receptionists and a technician.  Britt jumps in and getting busy from the moment she's at the hospital.  Starting as a receptionist but always wanting to learn more, Britt has been getting veterinary technician training in order to best serve your pets and answer your questions.  Quick to giggle, Britt makes a valuable member of our Aid Animal Hospital team and can easily help at the front desk as well as assist with treatments and surgeries in the back.

Bella R.

Bella is one ouf our newest receptionists.  She will greet you with a smile every time!  Dr. Rowe's youngest daughter, Bella is devoted to volleyball in her free time.  At home she helps take care of her four pet dogs Frisco, Pablo, Ramsey, and Walter.

Vina T.

Vina is one of our attentive technicians.  You will see her come to the front to take your furry baby back for treatment, assist with surgery, or boarding care.  We enjoy her warm-hearted approach to all of our patients - including the sweet little one you see pictured here.  Vina's warm smile, eagerness to learn, and delightful sense of humor make her a valuable part of our hospital team. 

Nadia R.

Nadia is Dr. Rowe's oldest daughter.  As a technician she works to keep your pets happy and well cared for in the back.  She is always chipper and ready to help.  In her free time she rocks the drum set and is an English equestrian rider.  At home she helps care for her four dogs who follow her everywhere.  We call her the dog whisperer...

Allie B.

Allie is one of our cheerful receptionists.  She has years of experience in customer service and is fullfilling a dream of working with animals.  She is married to James and and they have a regular zoo of fur babies:  three cats, Eddie, Frisky, and Millie and two dogs, Tucker and Bella.  All five of Allie's fur babies are rescues!  In her free time Allie loves being one with nature whether she's hiking or gardening, spending time with her family, and staying active.  She fits right in here at AAH because she has a genuine love for all animals (fur, fins, or scales).

Jeremy W.

One of our smiling and very caring technicians, you'll find Jeremy coming forward to escort your pet to the back for treatments, surgeries, and boarding.  He has five animals of his own at home that he cares for too.  King is Jeremy's Chow Chow pup, Jelly Bean, Chewy, and Hopscotch are his Calico cats, and Ekans is his Pastel Ball Python.  In his free time Jeremy listens to music and goes to live concerts.  In between taking care of "the zoo" at home, he likes to skateboard and, growing up on a farm he's had plenty of practice around animals from pets to Buffalo.  He's perfectly odd, funny, and compassionate enough to work with the AAH team!

Ashley H.

Ashley has worked with AAH since 2012. With a B.S. in Animal Science, we are thrilled to have her in our family here at Aid. She brings alot of TLC to our patients during their stay here and goes out of her way to make your furry family member comfortable. With a quick and witty sense of humor, Ashley is always fun to work with and an enthusiastic technician.

Tania A.

Our media manager, Tania is seen both in front and behind the scenes. As Dr. Rowe's wife, she is lucky to be able to laugh both at work and at home.  Mother to Nadia and Bella, Tania stays busy running a business and running after teenagers and describes her life as a three ring circus.  Irrestibly drawn to all things furry, you may find her temporarily distracted by your furry pets when you are in for a visit.  She offers no apologies for this.

        Pilgram and Milo are the best of friends.  While they love to cuddle in the back, Pilgrim is the social butterfly of the two.  Milo makes sure everything is running smoothly in the back while Pilgrim will happily greet you

in the reception area. 


Combining     Western Medicine With a Holistic View


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